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Baro oil firmly believes customers are the center of its business. The company always strives to meet and excel the customer needs in every aspects of the business which is demonstrated in supplying premium products and arranging attractive services and facilities.
As its core business, BaroI oil distributes and sells different type of fuels (i.e Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene), Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Light fuel oil (LFO), Heavy fuel oil (HFO) and Bitumen for Automotive, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Agricultural & Mining sectors.
The company provides also credit facility, technical advice and assistances, fuel dispensing machine installation, training and other related after sales services for its esteemed customers.
Since we believe that well informed and well trained customers can make rational decision on product purchase and application, we provide our customers product knowledge and handling trainings as well as associated technical assistances and after sales service follow up.
The company provides credit facility both for fuel and lubricant products using bank guarantee or any viable means as per the requirements of the buyer
Moreover, the company installs tanker and dispensers at customers’ site that helps to supply fuel regularly as per their required stock.
Regarding lubricant products, the company shall transport oil and lubricants to the customers’ site by its own means of transportation.
The company assures sustainable fuels supply by arranging a very organized logistic system. The company deploys more than two hundred fuel transportation vehicles that serve to distribute fuel products in every corner of the country. We have also a medium capacity fuel reserve depot which serves as a backup to solve emergency fuel demand at the period of acute fuel shortage.
The company has a proven experience of working with different government organizations, high profile construction companies, transportation organizations and factories.