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The company supplies fuels and different types of lubricants by constructing depots and fuel stations in different parts of the country especially in areas where there are unmet demand and supply shortages.
The company constructs full facility stations which can accommodate the necessary facilities that are expected from high standard stations. Different facilities and services like fuel and lube sales, oil checkup & oil change, car wash, tire repair, supermarket & cafeteria services are provided at Baro Oil stations.
The company currently has 10 operational and 32 under construction fuel stations which are uniformly located in different parts of the country.
The company arranges over 200 fuel transportation trucks and medium capacity fuel depots that enable to secure a sustainable fuel supply in all Baro OiI stations.
Baro Oil provides station construction services for dealers who are willing to work with the company based on the dealer’s interest. The company also provides fuel dispensing machines including installation service for its retail customers.